Can I Get a Facial if I Have a Breakout?

Can I Get a Facial if I Have a Breakout?


Facials are skin care maintenance treatments that are the most effective way to keep the skin clean, clear, and looking radiant (when they’re done on a consistent schedule). But sometimes no matter how regimented you are, your skin doesn’t want to cooperate, and you get an unplanned breakout right before or the day of a facial appointment. These kinds of impromptu breakouts can leave people wondering if they can proceed with their scheduled facial. The simple answer is, yes. If the breakout is mild to moderate, you’re still good to go with your facial treatment. If it’s on the severe or inflammatory side, it’s best to reschedule. If you’re unsure, can always ask your esthetician to advise you, but in the case of most regular breakouts you should be fine to get your facial.

Picking the Right Facial

There’s no one-size-fits-all facial, especially during a breakout. Different facials offer variety of different elements to rejuvenate and treat the skin depending on your skin type and the result you’d like (e.g., anti-aging, hydration, balancing, etc.). While you should have long term skin care goals, it’s important to choose the best facial for whatever is going on with your skin at that moment, particularly if you have a breakout. 

All facials come with some form of a deep cleanse so you’re good to go on that front. When you have a breakout, you want to choose a facial that unclogs your pores, kills bacteria, and exfoliates so you get rid of all the dead skin cells. The most effective ways to do this are by manually unclogging pores with deep cleansing exfoliation and extraction, or with devices like High Frequency and LED lights that eliminate bacteria, stimulate collagen, tone, and promote new skin cells. Skin Camp offers two facials that are particularly perfect for clearing those pesky breakouts. 

Detox Facial - This is a no-nonsense facial for anyone who has a breakout. The Detox Facial was created to unclog pores, which is always a problem during a breakout. The treatment cleanses and balances the skin with a detoxifying mask, pore extraction (see more on this below) and High Frequency treatment. High Frequency is a handheld wand device that emits a safe, low level electrical current that kills the bacteria that causes acne. It also helps reduce inflammation and the appearance of acne. It will also help prevent future breakouts by regulating sebum production, which is what clogs pores in the first place. While the extraction and high frequency will give your skin a workout, the Detox Facial still has relaxation built in with a Signature Lift and Contour Massage and a soothing custom crystal roller to end the treatment. 

Train Facial - The Train Facial does exactly what it says- it trains your face. Think of it as circuit training for your skin. It includes enzymatic cleansing designed to expertly unclog pores, plus custom exfoliation. This facial is a great option if you have a breakout because your esthetician can customize which exfoliating treatment will suit your skin type the best. It also provides the Signature Lift and Contour Massage and Face Cupping to increase blood flow and rejuvenate the skin. The train facial is great for really getting your skin back on track during a breakout. 

If neither of these facials strike your fancy during your breakout, at Skin Camp you can always add extractions, LED, High Frequency, or an AHA or Enzyme Peel (or an aesthetician-approved combination) to any of our facial treatments to turn your facial into an acne healing and clearing procedure. 


As promised above, here’s the deal with facial extractions. They are the least fun part of any facial because they can hurt, especially on the nose, but it’s one of the best ways to clear your pores and breakout and help prevent them in the future. Extraction targets clogged and compacted pores. The esthetician will put your face under amplified light or a magnified mirror to find the impurities and areas that are congested. Using their (sanitized) fingers or a tool, they gently dig into your skin and remove blackheads and whiteheads, clearing the pores of any buildup of dirt and oil. It is common to use High Frequency after extraction to kill any bacteria that was brought to the surface, calm the skin, and help reduce any redness caused by extraction. If you’re prone to breakouts, extractions are a must for your facials.

When’s the Best Time to Get a Facial

For women, it’s best to try to avoid getting a facial immediately before, immediately after or during menstruation. While you can get a facial during your period, the skin is much more sensitive and prone to flare ups. It’s recommended that you schedule the treatment 2 weeks before or preferably 2 weeks after your period. 2 weeks after your finish menstruation is the ovulation portion of your cycle. During this time your body has increased levels of progesterone, which heightens oil production in your pores, which is more likely to cause breakouts if not properly cleansed. Men can get a facial whenever they like, but it’s important they remain on a consistent schedule for the best results.  

How Often Should You Get a Facial

The general consensus is that you should get a facial every 4-6 weeks. It takes approximately 4 weeks for new skin cells to generate. If your skin is on the oily you will want to be closer to the 4-week part of the spectrum, but the time can vary based on your skin type and skincare needs. Consult your esthetician to come up with a regular schedule that works for your skin, but the most important thing is to maintain a schedule of consistency with your facials.  

If you’re ready to get on a skin care schedule, even if you are in the midst of a breakout, and are in the Los Angeles or West Hollywood area, book your facial at Skin Camp. Our estheticians will make sure you get the perfect facial to help clear up that breakout as fast as possible and keep your skin clear and radiant until your next appointment.

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