The Korean Golki Method Is the Facial Massage You Need to Try

The Korean Golki Method Is the Facial Massage You Need to Try

K-beauty has been the buzzworthy beauty trend the last few years but it’s time for Korean skincare treatments to receive the same hype. Golki therapy or Golki massage is the K-Skincare trend that should be on everyone’s radar. Though this facial massage technique is finding its footing in the US, its unique technique has made it a go-to treatment Korean skincare treatment for glowing complexions. Read on to learn all about Golki therapy, the benefits of Golki massage, and the best Skin Camp facials that use Golki therapy in Los Angeles!


What is Golki Therapy?

The Korean word Golki translates to “bone energy”, so it follows that Golki massage is an aesthetic “bone setting massage.” This Korean facial massage, specifically a bone massage, lifts and defines the face. Most notably it slims the face and makes facial features appear smaller. This non-invasive Golki massage technique gives the face that coveted V-Shape by resetting its bone structure. Think of it like a combination of a deep tissue massage and facial reconstruction without having to go under the knife.


The Benefits of Golki Therapy Massage

If you’re unhappy with your face shape and have yearned for a slimmer face with smaller features, Golki therapy is a safe, non-invasive way to make that change. Golki massage also gives the skin a more youthful, radiant glow instantly! The facial massage stimulates blood flow to the skin and detoxifies it. The best part about Golki therapy is there’s no downtime! While changing the shape of your face will require multiple Golki massage sessions, you can return to your daily activities immediately after each massage treatment.


You may experience some discomfort and light bruising during this procedure. The face’s bones are being kneaded into a new shape, after all. If you have any medical questions or concerns regarding this procedure, please consult your physician or licensed medical provider prior to your Korean Golki therapy appointment.


Our Best Facials with Korean Golki Massage

Whether you’re looking to change your face shape or just get that rejuvenated, “I just got back from a two-week vacation” glow, these Skin Camp facials with Korean Golki massage are fit for every face.


Lift Facial

The Lift Facial will lift your face and your confidence. Not only does this facial treatment focus on our Signature Lift & Contour Massage, but it also includes cleansing, Micro-Dermabrasion and Micro-Current. We won’t say this facial with Golki therapy is actually heaven, but it will lift your face and your mood immediately!


Train Facial

If you want that hot girl summer body, you train your body at the gym. If you want a glowing complexion, you train your face with Golki therapy and the Train Facial. This facial emphasizes facial massage and anti-aging techniques to make you look more youthful without having to break a sweat.



Sculpt Facial

The Sculpt Facial could literally ben re-named the Golki Massage Facial. This treatment sculpts and contours the face as it removes muscle tension. A Gua Sha and custom crystal facial roller both are used to provide a dual facial massage for ultimate sculpting. The esthetician sculpts and contours your face to your liking as if it was made from clay.



If you live in the Los Angeles area and want to try Golki Therapy or an of our other facial services, book an appointment at Skin Camp today!


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