The Best Facial Massage In LA

The Best Facial Massage In LA

Everybody loves a massage. It’s pretty much the top tier treatment in self-pampering. From feet, to neck and shoulders, back, and hands, massages are the ultimate self-care rituals. With massage treatments ranging from head-to-toe there seems to be one essential section of the body that is constantly overlooked. The face! Facial massages have a seriously long list of skin benefits and can additionally help in relieving aches, pains and tension that is centered in the facial region. Keep reading to see what you’ve been missing out on, and how facial massages can help refresh your resting face. 

What Is A Facial Massage?

A facial massage is, well precisely how it sounds, it’s a massage specifically for the facial region with the intention to to lift and improve skin’s elasticity, while increasing collagen production and smoothing out the complexion. Facial massages are routinely used during facial treatments as a means of working out the skin and helping to soak in essential product ingredients. You can also give yourself regular facial massages when you’re in between facial appointments, to keep skin plump, healthy and smooth. See our complete step-by-step guide on how to give yourself a facial massage at home, for a complete breakdown on proper technique and helpful tools!  

 When it comes to facial massages, there is an ever expanding list of types and techniques, all with the same goal–to improve and tone your skin. Techniques can vary from target areas and concerns, such as easing jaw tension to creating a lifting effect on the brow and cheekbones. No matter the technique the benefits still stand. There quite literally isn’t a downside to massage your face. A fool-proof facial treatment? Count us in! 

So, what exactly can a facial massage do for your skin? The benefits are endless and include some of the following:
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Relax facial muscle tension

  • Aid in lymphatic drainage

  • Help remove dead skin cells

  • Refresh and lift the face

  • Smooth out wrinkles

  • Restore a youthful plumpness to the skin

  • Improve skin suppleness by reducing and releasing muscle tension in the face and jaw areas

Moreso, regular facial massages can stimulate rejuvenation and cellular activity in the face, working to tighten skin and improve blood and lymphatic circulation, thus ultimately increasing nutrient supply to your cells. The combined efforts of all the benefits take an immediate effect, leaving skin feeling tauter, engaged and awake almost instantly following your facial massage. However, as with most things, consistency is key. It’s important to continue with regular practice and massage treatments for the best possible results, and to keep your skin smooth, energized, and in shape! 

Where Can I Get a Facial Massage in Los Angeles?

Taking care of your skin has never been more important, and the many benefits a facial massage can provide is just another reason to try it out. Youth Haus is proud to offer a variety of different facial massages to those in the West Hollywood/Los Angeles area .Book your appointment or a consultation with one of our certified estheticians. See also our updated COVID-19 policy for the latest on safety procedures and sanitation measures.

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