Everything You Need to Know About Gua Sha

Everything You Need to Know About Gua Sha

Anybody who has ever had a facial knows that the “after facial” feeling is a very real thing. Your face is a little red, your skin is energized, and you feel pretty and pampered like never before by your favorite esthetician. What if I told you that there was a way to make that experience, and also your complexion, even more relaxed and radiant? Because there is. It’s called a Gua Sha facial.

 If you’re a real skincare junkie, you may have heard the name “Gua Sha” before. Or at least seen the beautiful stones all over your Instagram feed - in heart, square, or diamond designs as beautiful as the faces of the influencers who use them. They’re a beloved self-care tool that many use in their home beauty routine, making it easy to achieve more enhanced features and a radiant complexion right from your living room. But as much I love the fact that you can give yourself a home mini-facial, it doesn’t compare to the experience I had receiving a full Gua Sha Facial treatment in my favorite spa - AKA, Skin Camp. What’s the difference, you may ask? Let me tell you all about it.

 What is a Gua Sha facial?

 Besides just the feelings of relaxation and self-care, there are plenty of benefits to using a Gua Sha tool. As you scrape this stone across your skin, in an upward and outward direction that follows every contour of your face, you’ll begin to notice that your complexion is brighter and more beautiful, while your features appear more defined. I know I did. Those beauty benefits are only amplified when receiving an in-spa Gua Sha treatment, whether the tool is used by itself or in addition to others during a more advanced treatment. For instance, after LED Light Therapy. Here are a few things I noticed after I started receiving Gua Sha facials by an expert esthetician:

 ●      My facial muscles felt much more relaxed. As the esthetician scraped this simple tool across my face, it was as if she was releasing all the tension out of my stressed out mind and muscles. She actually kind of was, as the Gua Sha tool was used in ancient Chinese medicine to release muscle tension and pain.

●      My eye bags were basically nonexistent. Seriously.

●      Cheekbones I didn’t even know existed began to form. The scraping motions of the Gua Sha tool are believed to promote lymphatic drainage, which removes bloat and breaks down fluids under the skin to enhance and define your features. Yes, please.

●      I just felt much more relaxed and at peace. Depending on which type of Gua Sha stone you choose, you’ll receive both physical and spiritual benefits. For example, Rose quartz is known as the symbol of love and beauty, and you’ll feel loving and soothing vibrations the moment our Rose Quartz Gua Sha touches your skin. For a feeling of peacefulness and nourishment, choose the Jade Gua Sha.

●      My skin was glowing, and there was no makeup required. This tool creates a radiant complexion that will get you tons of compliments on your skin.

 Is it right for me?

 Yes, but there are a few things about Gua Sha that you should know. Keep in mind that you need to continuously use the tool on your face to see the best results, and a Gua Sha facial isn’t always inexpensive. We’d recommend getting an in-spa facial biweekly, and using your tool at home the rest of the time. Using it every day would be ideal, but giving yourself a Gua Sha facial 2-3 times a week should give you significant results too.

 You may even want to add the Gua Sha to your twice-a-day skincare routine. Use it in the morning to energize your skin and at night to relax your face and give it the rest it deserves, just like you. Just don’t forget to book your in-house appointment… your skin will thank you, trust me.

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