LIFT Facial

LIFT Facial • 45 mins • $125

Do you even lift? This multitasking facial gives your skin the ultimate workout - starting with microdermabrasion to extract impurities from the pores for a radiant, rejuvenated look. And then the real exercise begins with our microcurrent treatment, in which our estheticians blend modern technology with an ancient massage to exert your facial muscles and enhance your features. We’re talking higher brows, sculpted cheekbones, and a stronger jawline. The massage ends with the Skin Camp Signature Lift & Contour Massage, which lives up to its name for extra lifting effect and transformative results like no facial you’ve ever had.


What Are the Benefits of the LIFT Facial?

  • Enhanced and defined facial features
  • Exercises the facial muscles
  • Helps to prevent early signs of aging
  • Deeply cleansed skin - free of dirt, oil, and impurities
  • Smaller pores
  • Balanced skin tone and texture
  • Youthful, glowing complexion
  • Ideal for all skin types - even sensitive or mature skin
  • Increased relaxation and mental clarity
  • Zero pain!

When Will I See Results?

Immediately! Not only will you notice that “post-facial” glow right after treatment, which creates a flushed appearance similar to how you look after a workout, you’ll also see a significant enhancement in your features. Pull out your phone and take a selfie in the Uber home... you’ll see what we mean as you admire your strong brows and defined cheekbones!

How Does Microcurrent Treatment Work?

Using a microcurrent machine, our estheticians apply a gel before sliding two metal prongs around the surface of your skin to transmit electrical pulses. These currents are designed to “work out” the facial muscles deep within the skin, helping to lift and tighten every muscle to define your features. Just like you train your body during exercise, these electrical currents retrain your muscles to stay firm and more lifted?

How Long Will My Results Last?

Skincare experts recommend that you receive microdermabrasion and microcurrent treatments at least once per month to maintain your best results. While this may seem often, you’ll see why they’re so popular after your first one!

The Facial Massage Process

This massage is a mix of ancient Japanese and Eastern European techniques. You're in great hands as our estheticians relax and rub to add definition and enhance your best features. Your face gets a “workout” as pressure is exerted onto your facial muscles - whether your esthetician is using two fingers to “pull back” and massage your neck, kneading the forehead, or deeply massaging the curves of your cheekbones and jawline. This facial massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, and accelerate the removal of toxins and excess fluids - creating your most defined and dreamy look. Every inch of your face will be brighter and healthier with this relaxing facial workout - just like after a hot yoga session!