Facial Cupping: What You Need to Know

Facial Cupping: What You Need to Know

Looking for a bit of stress relief, with a side of sparkling skin? Look no further than facial cupping. This soothing massage treatment has been used for hundreds of years to enhance the skin - beginning as a healing technique and becoming one of the biggest beauty trends in recent years. Seriously, just wait until you try it from a Skin Camp massage chair. Why is facial cupping one of our most popular treatments? Perhaps it’s because the premise is quite simple, with our estheticians using suction tools to slide along your face and enhance your best features. Or the fact that you’ll see nearly instant results as your face receives a boost of beauty and brightness. All with zero downtime and very minimal side effects! Looking to try facial cupping after your best friend raved about the treatment she got at the spa, but looking for more information on this trendy treatment? Here’s what you need to know:


What is a Cupping Treatment?


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Some of today’s most popular beauty treatments combine ancient techniques with modern tools, and cupping is no exception. Originally used centuries ago as a form of Chinese medicine, this procedure involves using a set of “cups” on your face and body, gliding across the skin and creating suction for all your favorite beauty benefits. We’re talking about glowing skin, good vibes, and a naturally beautiful complexion that’s only a few glides away. Used by expert estheticians and celebrities, a cupping treatment has become the ultimate in-spa treatment for fresh, rejuvenated, and sparkling skin. It’s also a crucial step in many of your favorite Skin Camp facials - like Sculpt, Glow, Train and Detox!


Each of these facials is unique in their own way - with our estheticians using their magic hands to sculpt, define, enhance, and brighten your skin. Of course, they also get a bit of help from our high-quality beauty tools… like the facial cupping set! During your facial, these tools are constantly moving around your skin in short strokes, creating suction effects on the face and neck to relax and recharge your look. And brighten up your complexion, of course! And don’t worry, there won’t be any bruises left behind. The frequent movement of the cupping set, plus the top-notch training of our estheticians, means that the suctioning will be virtually painless and deliver minimal side effects - only the most gorgeous benefits of this popular treatment. Looking to treat yourself to a facial cupping session? Our staff is happy to walk you through our facial menu, and determine which one is best to provide the results you want!


What are the Benefits?

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Anybody who’s had a facial cupping treatment knows the strange (in a good way!) and soothing sensation of a cup gliding across their skin - and this procedure is working its magic with every movement. The suction effect works with your body to produce the most glowing look - while also enhancing your features, de-stressing, and improving the overall appearance of your skin. Goodbye, tiredness, dullness, and unbalanced complexion…hello, major illumination. Facial cupping is the ultimate treatment to reduce tension - both in the mind and the facial muscles. It’s no wonder so many celebrities do it to relieve stress after wrapping up a big movie or to achieve a radiant look for the red carpets!

While facial cupping is highly effective on its own, it works even better when paired with the other steps in our treatments. For example, the Glow facial uses a radiance peel and facial roller session to bring up the brightness in your skin - and a cupping session only makes you glow harder. Sculpt is ideal for those who desire a chiseled, contoured appearance without the makeup, and facial cupping works alongside our signature Sculpt and Glow massage to transform and define your features. Cupping is an excellent addition to any facial treatment, and you’ll see why after your first (and second, and third) visit to Skin Camp!


What Should I Expect, and Is it Right For Me?

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Facial cupping is pretty harmless, we promise! No needles or fancy machines… just a few glass or plastic cups that suction your skin to smooth, glowing perfection. During the massage, you’ll simply feel like these cups are loosely grabbing your skin, and holding onto it as they slide gracefully across your face, neck, and body. There’s very minimal pain involved, and in fact - it will probably feel incredibly soothing. As far as side effects? Also very few. You may notice a bit of redness for the first couple hours after your treatment, or minor marks left behind by the tools - but these should subside by the next day and leave you with nothing but glowing results. Cupping is an A-lister-approved treatment that’s safe and effective for all, and you’ll definitely want to maintain your radiant complexion after your first facial!


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