Skin Care Goals: How To Choose The Right Facial Treatment

Skin Care Goals: How To Choose The Right Facial Treatment

New year, new you, right? There’s no better way to kick off the new year than with a classic treat yo’ self day––getting a facial! If your new year's resolution included a radiant complexion then it’s time to book your appointment at our facial bar in Los Angeles for the best facial treatments in West Hollywood. Our expert team of estheticians are standing by, ready to give you good vibes and glowing skin. We’re here to assist you in all your skin needs! Scroll through for everything you need to know about facial treatments, benefits, and a complete list of our services!


Benefits of Facial Treatments

Facials are the ideal facial workout for fast, effective, and natural face lift solutions. There are endless benefits to receiving regular facial treatments. Aside from feeling fresh, clean, and ready to fill your camera roll with makeup-free selfies, facials prove to benefit overall skin health and clarity, as well as easing skin-induced anxieties. While results may vary between treatments, overall benefits can include: deeply cleansed skin (free of dirt, oil, and impurities), smaller pores, balanced skin tone and texture, youthful glowing complexion, enhanced and defined facial features, and increased relaxation and mental clarity. 


How To Choose The Right Treatment For You 

Choosing the right treatment for your skin can be a trying task. Treatments can vary depending on your skin goals. For instance, if you’re feeling stressed out, with no particular skin concerns, then the Reset Facial is for you. It’s a 15 minute calming and moisturizing treatment that comes with a head, neck, and shoulder massage, perfect for hitting the “reset” button and refreshing your skin. Trying to get that J-LO glow? Go for our Glow Facial for an energizing and brightening result. This 30 minute treatment will give you a radiant complexion, while depuffing and soothing your skin. Or, if you are dealing with more acne prone skin, then you may want to consider the Detox Facial for a deeper cleanse, lasting 45 minutes. 

Whatever your skin needs are, we have the answer! Reach out to one of our certified estheticians to help choose which facial treatment is right for you. Our goal is to help you achieve totally rejuvenated and refreshed skin. Following your treatment you can expect a “post-facial” glow, comparable to a flushed appearance after a productive workout. You will begin to see the full effects of your facial in the coming days and weeks depending on your treatment. 



Our Services

CEO (plumping & resurfacing) : A facial workout for our hard-working boss babes. Refresh and rejuvenate the skin with an exfoliation treatment and our Signature Lift and Contour Massage. Cool down and finish off with a custom crystal roller. (15 minutes, $50)

Reset (calming & moisturizing) : Hit the reset button and treat yourself with a cleanse, peel, and head, neck, and shoulder massage. Finish off with a custom crystal roller to soothe and restore the skin. (15 minutes, $50)

Sculpt (lifting & firming) : Get that sculpted and contoured face of your dreams with our Signature Lift and Contour Massage to remove muscle tension, and naturally contour your face. Includes Gua Sha sculpting, a firming mask, and a custom crystal roller to finish off. (30 minutes, $75)

Glow (energizing & brightening) : Treat your skin to a natural glow with a radiance peel, our Signature Lift and Contour Massage, and finish off with a combination of our face rollers to de-puff and soothe the skin. (30 minutes, $75)

Train (anti-aging & hydrating) : The ultimate multi-tasking facial workout. Includes enzymatic cleansing, custom exfoliation, and our Signature Lift and Contour Massage. (45 minutes, $95)

Detox (cleansing & soothing) : Pores unhappy? Cleanse and balance your skin with a detoxifying masque, a Signature Lift and Contour Massage, essential extractions with a High Frequency treatment, and finished off with a soothing custom crystal roller. (45 minutes, $95)

CBD Chill Facial: Wanna chill? Come in for our chillest facial which includes, CBD-infused products, featuring Mowellens CBD, a Cleansing Mask, Oxygen Blast, and our Signature Lift and Contour Massage. (45 minutes, $120)

Red Carpet Facial: Hitting the red carpet later? Come in for our hands-down ULTIMATE celeb-fave treatment which includes a Cleansing Mask, Micro-Current Lifting, Oxygen Blast, 24k Gold Mask, and our Signature Lift and Contour Massage. (60 minutes, $125)



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