Why You Need to Incorporate Dermaplanning into Your Skin Care Routine

Why You Need to Incorporate Dermaplanning into Your Skin Care Routine
Dermaplanning has rapidly jumped in popularity in the past year, with Instagram and TikTok fanning the flames on social media. With many of us ramping up our skincare and self-care routines since the start of quarantine, and experimenting with new beauty and makeup trends (what else has there been to do) dermaplanning has become a much buzzed about beauty treatment. But it seems like sunnier days are ahead, and as we make our way back into the world, brunching al fresco and hanging in the park, there’s no better time to take dermaplanning for a spin yourself. 

So what exactly is it? Dermaplanning is a physical exfoliation method that removes the top layer of skin and hair on your face. But have no fear, dermaplanning is so easy to do even a skincare newbie can pull it off. It’s also completely painless, and when executed correctly, won’t irritate or damage skin. 

And the benefits? Where do we start? Dermaplanning tackles a laundry list of skincare concerns including hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, and texture-issues. And since it gently removes the top layer of skin, for instant exfoliation, it means your products will sink even deeper and your makeup will apply super smoothly. Obsessed with that feeling of sinking into clean sheets with freshly shaved and moisturized legs? This is like that, but for your face.

It’s also the perfect treatment for any skin type. Who doesn’t want baby-butt-level soft skin?

You don’t have to ball out on a trip to the spa to get real results, either. Skin Camp makes it easy to dermaplan right in the comfort of your bathroom. 

We’ve made tools you can trust, that aren’t flimsy, and are made by pros. Our dermaplanning kits help you receive spa like results without having to max out your budget. 


Skin Camp Dermaplanning Tool

This adorable and easy-to-use tool comes with a retractable blade, so you can safely stow away this skincare go-to. Ergonomic and the perfectly portable size, after one use you’ll be saying, “Why didn’t I try this sooner?”

80856888_01 (1).jpg

Skin Camp Dermaplaning Tool - 2pk

Did someone say 2-for-1 special? This two pack is perfect for keeping around as a backup. Or you could be nice and share with a friend for a DIY beauty night in. You could also keep your spare at your significant others so you can take your routine on-the-go. 


Skin Camp Dermaplanning Kit with Two Replacement Heads

Ready to take dermaplanning to the next level? Step it up with our dermaplanning kit. Featuring two replacement heads, you’ll never have to be without your handy exfoliation tool. Once a blade dulls, or has been used up, simply pop in a replacement head with a simple snap. 

Here’s how to use your tools like like a pro:

  1. Start with clean, dry skin. Don’t overdose on exfoliation either. Use a gentle cleanser without exfoliating beads or ingredients. 

  2. Watch your technique. Don’t drag the tool across your face or point the blade directly on your skin. Instead, hold the tool at a 45 degree angle and stroke in the same direction your hair grows. Move slowly across skin, the same way you’d shave elsewhere on your body.

  3. Focus on one section at a time. We like to sculpt around our forehead and brows, our sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, jawline and chin.

  4. Keep your tool clean. In between strokes, wipe your dermaplanning tool with a damp washcloth. 

  5. Give skin a rinse. Gently pat down your skin and then apply the rest of your skincare routine.

  6. Admire your baby soft, super smooth skin. 

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